Why did my PDA son have to fail in five schools before I was listened to?


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for their continued support in raising the profile of Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome.

Why did my PDA son have to fail in five schools before I was listened to?


PDA Society booklet launch


Good morning.
Please find below a link to the PDA Society website where you can download a newly launched booklet relating to PDA. Whilst primarily aimed at clinicians it is useful to read if you work in any field supporting children,or are indeed a parent as it help you in understanding the importance of recognising, diagnosing (or at least acknowledging in some way the unique presentation within a diagnostic report and support plan) and recommending a suitable approach to support the child at home and in other environments such as school.


Please feel free to share widely.
The PDA Society are sending hard copies to CAMHS, CDC’s and educational psychologists across England initially, to fulfil the terms of our grant. Other professionals may request a copy but it may be a while (if at all) before the PDA Society are in a position to distribute more widely. Of course anyone is free to print their own copy if they so wish.

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Debra West