176 days later…


Today was the day – My son finally went off to start his new school. His taxi arrived and his new driver was welcoming, with a calm manner and offered for me to travel with him as this was his big first day. The school is only a fifteen minute drive and during that time we sat side by side listening to his chosen music on his iPod. As we got out of the taxi, I could see how anxious he looked. His carer met us with a big warm smile and they slowly walked off down the corridor together he glanced back at me with a stern look but then a little smile appeared as he shouted loudly, “Bye mum, I love you” my heart melted. The driver dropped me back home on route to his next job. I walked into the house welcomed back by our loveable labrador, I sat at my computer to start work, but stared blankly at the screen, I felt strange, I moved the telephone in reach incase of a call from the school. I began to process the last 176 days, the emails to the local authority, all the calls, all the meetings, the campaigning, the whole journey flashing through my mind. I felt a sudden calmness combined with an underlining sadness of our struggle through all of his previous five schools in the last four years. My heart filled with pride, with appreciation of my resilient young man, who had been through so much in his twelve years. I feel so very blessed and now begins a new chapter… Skipping forward to welcoming him home where he appeared with big grin informing me that his day was “Brilliant” he handed to me with pride a picture he had drawn with some writing of his likes, stating, “It’s me walking the dog”. This truly is a day to remember… and for all the right reasons.



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