Standing on the precipice of change



My son is now 12 years old. He has been through five different schools in four years. From his last permanent school exclusion until starting school number six on the 15th September 2015, it will have been 176 days that he has spent out of school and has been at home with me. I had to endure another struggle with the LEA in order for them to wake up to the reality that my son is not suited to a BSED school environment; stated because he has been permanently excluded from three previously. Many autistic specific schools have previously turned him down because he cannot access the curriculum due to his learning disabilities and differing PDA needs.

We have had our local MP supporting our plight as well as our local radio station and an interview on BBC One – South Today.

I feel we need more awareness / understanding and training for Clinicians, teachers, police, social workers, CAMHS and general public… hence call for my petition:-

PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE many thanks for your support.

“Educate clinicians/teachers/police re Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome-PDA”

Click this link to see your petition and start sharing it:

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament


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