CAMHS appointment- dinky gets an ADHD diagnosis, CAMHS get a complaint!


An Educational Psychologist suggested that PDA may be being misdiagnosed as ‘Acute ADHD’
All the best to you and Dinky x

Dinky and Me

I think the title already suggests that the appointment didn’t go very well…. Here is my draft complaint letter…

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you regarding my daughter Dinky.

She was seen in CAMHS on Monday 13th April 2015. Her appointment was for 9 am.

Unfortunately what transpired during the appointment was appalling, and showed a complete lack of professionalism from Dr P’s colleague. She did not give her name at the start of the appointment, nor did she apologise for her poor time keeping, at 9am there should be no reason for a late clinic, they were 15 minutes late. actually at the start of MY daughters long awaited appointment the ADHD nurse spoke to someone else in the waiting area, telling them she is just ‘dealing with’ us and will be right with them. We obviously were not as important as her next patients…

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