Time to Find Me Again!


Time to Find Me Again!.

An incredibly honest and moving post. I can relate to the feeling of having lost identity and living daily life ‘on my nerves’ due to the PDA challenges; onward battles with SEN departments; funding; schools; exclusions; juggling family needs and work, which all became my daily/weekly/yearly norm.

When you enter a phase of what appears to be calmer waters, you stop, look and reflect; where have you been for the last few years? What happened to your dreams? Where are you now? Who are you? …. Suddenly YOU come into focus, but as the blog says, YOU can’t identify with who YOU are anymore because the person you knew doesn’t exist anymore. You have become conditioned to this stressful way of life, you are still standing with sword in hand in a battle field all alone, you dare not move for fear of the battle which may be looming on the other side of the hill; so you stand on guard, and wait.

However as you read the post, a realisation unfolds, voice of determination and an inner strength which up until now has been used in the form of a mothers love and drive to protect, help and look after her daughter. This strong will to push through combined with deep rooted determination and passion is a winning formula, one which can now be harnessed for personal growth, it’s time to focus on oneself, it’s time to heal, it’s time to uncover the new YOU.


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