Were You the One?


Were You the One?.

When people stand and stare and judge without understanding, they point and judge without truly seeing how their reactions impact and cause further distress and hurt. See the person and not the disability, see the courage and not the scares of life, Instead reach out with warmth, care and empathy.

When my son recently had a meltdown, an anxiety attack in the supermarket, two people stood out – the man working there, who commented, ‘you’re a naughty boy’ he frowned, he judged, he caused my son to take cover under the freezer – then there was the lady who abandoned her shopping, came over and knelt down beside us, who held out her hand, who gently smiled and said, ‘I know I’m a stranger to you but I am here for you if theres anything I can do’.

So, as Ellie wrote: Are you the one?


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