Impact of the DSM-5 criteria for ASD


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2 thoughts on “Impact of the DSM-5 criteria for ASD

  1. janesherwin

    I find this rather worrying Deborah. It is going to be even harder to get PDA included as a sub group of ASD. Also I have a 14 year old extremely high functioning Aspie son. It has taken me 12 years of doing the rounds to get him diagnosed under the previous system due to an apparent lack of knowledge from clinicians on how to look for the subtle signs of Aspergers in a child that through intellect and rote learning has masked his difficulties. It would appear that the only clinicians that actually seem to have a good, full and in-depth knowledge of ASD are those who have private practices. This is going to make this even harder where is the social imagination impairment as advocated by lorna wing. This is where my son struggles the most.

  2. janesherwin

    Reblogged this on Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome an autistic spectrum disorder and commented:
    I am very concerned about the changes to the DSM-5 it would appear that high functioning individuals who tend to benefit the most from early intervention will be up the creek without a paddle. Many will not qualify for an ASD diagnosis under the new guidelines which means that they will be unable to access the very services that can offer the chance of the most improvement. Where PDA will fall into this lot I have no idea!!

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