PDA hits Brighton pier


This is what a mini meltdown ‘might’ look like, every child with autism may react differently when the red mist blankets their coping abilities. The autistic spectrum is exactly that… Its a SPECTRUM with two ends of extremes and every thing in between the two. A strategy may work for one child but not for another, and often what works one week may not work the next.

Children and adults naturally feel frustrated when they are unable to do something or when things don’t turn out the way they expected or hoped, however, what we need to remember is that a child with autism may quickly go from feeling frustrated to feeling anxious, self conscious, scared, angry within seconds; their heart is racing, their vision may become distorted or tunnelled, their hearing intensified, and the quickest way to bring a child back from explosion is through patience, kindness, understanding and acceptance. Some children may need little to no dialogue, others may need re-assuring, some may need gentle holding or manoeuvring into a safe place with less on-lookers. Please be aware when you stand and stare, the child sees your frowns, hears your comments and feels your judgements, all of which are unhelpful to the situation or to the child’s already low self as esteem.

Today is…
World Autism Awareness Day


2 thoughts on “PDA hits Brighton pier

  1. janesherwin

    Thank you for sharing your son’s experience with me. It is a very powerful and heartbreaking piece of film made even stronger by your accompanying words. I have a daughter with PDA and watching your film has made me feel a little bit less alone in the world. I love your blog and I really admire your determination to spread awareness of PDA. I have just started my own blog but it is going very slowly because I am hopeless on computers and so it is a very slow learning curve, I have to learn how to do everything parrot fashion. I shall be studying your blog in depth and I will hopefully learn a lot from it which I can use to improve my own blog.

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