My photos by me aged ten years old


Heres my list how to cope in a restaurant, by me and I have autism, so I should know.
1) Tell the adults, if they have to take you to a boring restaurant, only to take you at quieter times of the day or early evening
2) Take your Nintendo or Gameboy, but you will probably have to have the sound off
3) Make sure your table is near some space incase you need to get up and move around
4) Adults need to trust us to be able to spend more time than normal in the restaurant toilet.
5) If you like cameras take one with you, because it helps my mum to use my photos for a timeline when we next go back there, oh but remember, you wont be allowed to take pictures of other people eating there, but I don’t mind because I don’t like their faces anyway
6) If you like drawing or reading, do that instead, I don’t because I can’t read and only started to draw
7) You could take your headphones and music, that way you wont have to listen to the jumble of noises
8) Eat quickly, but doesn’t always work because some adults eat slowly
9) I don’t really like pudding but I do like ice-cream, so at least that’s good
10) If I let the adults have their boring restaurant time, when we get home I can have my time watching what I want and they have to do what I say

So follow my tips and hopefully you will go somewhere nice, not too crowded, with friendly people, that have nice food like pizzas or my other favourite is spaghetti bolognese. Happy eating and happy WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY #WAAD #ASD #PDA


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