Look at your own behaviour first!


I wonder how many of us have considered our own behaviours which may display themselves as: Too chatty, too loud, too quiet, lack of empathy, lack of self awareness, intolerant, excitable disposition, too demanding, unrealistic expectations, no expectations, lack of consistency, superiority, self importance, arrogance, thinking we know best mentality. 

Whenever we consider the behaviours of a child with ASD, it may also be helpful to first reflect on our own behaviours and the impact we may have upon another. Many of us have the ability to be flexible in our approach; however, many of us may be steeped in old school mannerisms, know-all attitudes and textbook training institutions. 

So lets break down this ASD behaviour… Behaviour may be inappropriate (inappropriate only to us) both verbally and physically – Verbally is often learnt through inappropriate settings, older siblings, tv, peers, bullies or by other means. When a particular shocking’ word is used this word may become reinforced by the recipient. For example, a child might swear at a teacher, the word is reinforced by the child being removed from the classroom (this is a relief for the child) especially as the classroom may have been over stimulating and uncomfortable on a sensory level, noisy, scuffing chairs, laughing, talking, teacher demanding. 

Or maybe the child took flight (ran off), or became physically aggressive; so what is aggression? It is a meltdown, so what is that? It is a visual cry for help. It is a panic attack, what is the panic? The panic is the adrenaline rush caused by anxiety, which may be due to fear, what may be the cause of fear? A sense of being out of control; a sense of failure; being unable to fulfil demands or maybe being uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation or environment. 

Remember once you have met one child with Autism Spectrum Disorder you have only ever met one child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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