Quirky quotes from my son


New quote 04/01/2013

I was talking to my son about his birthday which is in a few weeks, and whilst describing my friends son to him (who is also PDA/ASD) He said to me, “Oh if he is sort-of autistic as well, then does he have a TV in his head as well, like me” I asked him if he could tell me more about what it’s like to have a TV in his head; he looked at me with a blank expression, said “Well it’s like as if I have a TV in my head like I said” – so I asked him, “What sort of things do you see on your tv?” He was getting agitated with me and lastly replied, “That’s how I see everything, I’m not talking about it anymore”, and he walked off.

I feel as if I have suddenly been given a tiny glimpse through a window into his world within his head. He has speech, language communication disorder (possibly dyslexia). He takes time to process information, is this because he interprets them into pictures first, and when he suddenly recalls an incident or something which happened over six months ago is that because an old movie suddenly replays in his mind, he can often describe it in such detail as if it has just happened. He’s such a complex child and so fascinating to listen to and learn from.


New quote 01/01/2013

So what did new years morning look like for you?

In this family, we laid in bed till 11:00 (wonderful), my son and I had a tickling fight (which he won :-), then he randomly says, “Are we real mummy, or are we puppets being controlled by someone in the sky with a big remote control?” –  I said, “What makes you say that?” – “I just want to know if we are real or not, because I think I’m being controlled differently” – I replied, “I know we are real, because our hearts beat and we feel emotions, like happy and sad, we can control ourselves, but sometimes it can be very difficult”.

He then went downstairs got angry playing on his Wii and almost stuck his foot through the TV, then told me and my daughter to f..k off, stomped upstairs, slammed a few things around, then within three minutes came back down stairs, said “Im sorry I love you”, we had a big hug and all ate pancakes for breakfast; LOL 😀 Happy New Year everyone – Glad to see the sun shinning xx

Quotes: 2012

At the weekend my son said to me, “I just want to get off this f—ing world and go sit on a cloud with God”. (We aren’t religious). Sometimes it feels as if he is given to me on a temporary basis to lift the eyelids of those with narrow vision.

Other quotes… “Why did that boy call me a cant? Who is he to say I cant, I can do whatever I want” (Thank goodness he didn’t pick up on what the boy was really calling him!!)

This last quote, is with reference to an advert on TV for ‘Mullerlight’, it’s the one where the women are chatting and have bodies of horses, one of the women says to the other, ‘well cant stand around all day chatting, must dash’ To which my son said, “Why did that lady say moustache? she doesn’t have a moustache” – When I explained to him she meant she has to leave in a hurry, we both rolled around in laughter… funny moments to treasure xxx


2 thoughts on “Quirky quotes from my son

  1. Gill

    Bless him he just takes after his Aunty in more ways than one….Love the “Cant quote” …although hes right he can do whatever he wishes xxx treasure all the moments and publish them in a book collected with others ….sell for the charity they are so funny crack me up !! you could even illustrate them Debs xx

  2. Tania Tirraoro

    Very familiar! Last night I stood on the landing and could hear Son 2 swearing over xbox live with his friends and Son1 on Skype talking to his friends about girls. Nothing else, just girls.

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