I’m just wondering…


What Im wondering is why so many professionals say PDA is not medically recognised… How many doctors/professionals have heard of PDD-NOS or ‘Atypical’ instead, because if they have, it may be a better starting point of discussion with the so-called professionals who dismiss PDA, or haven’t heard of it. It may (or may-not) help to explain that PDA is a sub category of PDD-NOS. PDA is not a new label but a signpost which better explains the child’s condition. It is a developmental disorder but rather than calling it NOS (not otherwise specified) or Atypical (not typical of meeting all the criteria of autism), both of which are undescriptive and confusing titles. Elizabeth Newson tried to give a clearer profile to this group of children. BUT, but, but, the problem I see today is the confusion continues surrounding the identity of the dx of this group. From what I understand, depending on where you are in the world, these children might be described with or without a statement as any of the following… Atypical, PDD-NOS, Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Conduct Disorder, XXYY, Childhood schizophrenia etc. The argument seems to be “Well, it doesn’t matter what the label is, so long as they are getting the right type of help”. Possibly true to some extent, however in my almost 10 years experience, from what I can tell, the majority are not getting any level of help and the ones that are, many of those are receiving either the wrong kind of help or a make-shift type of help, and because of possible overlapping conditions, the type of help given must be specific to their individual needs. Certainly across the board there is a huge lack of consistency, accurate public information, research and resources with excessive amounts of parental blame, misunderstandings, ‘I know-best’ attitudes and professional bad guidance. Image Smile


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    I thought that I would reblog this post because I simply couldn’t say it better myself. This is an excellent blog with loads and loads of useful information and posts and so in the name of promoting all things PDA please have a look.

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