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They tried to clip your wings dear boy

They tried to rearrange you

They tried with all their might

But their efforts could not change you… Thank god!

What is the relevance of this simple poem?

I am so proud of my son, his resilience and strength of character. Having experienced recent changes at sons school it saddens me to have to write that I was left with no choice but to pull him out of there. The school changes had such a significant impact on his health and mental well-being that last month he was signed off by the doctor for high levels of stress. Schools have a lot to answer for with many teachers / OT’s who should be in different jobs!!!

Not quite a Valentine poem!


The Incident

Ring ring goes the phone

Number I note and voice so distinct

Mrs. Young, oh good you are home

Heavy heart, deep sigh

Chin drops to the chest

Not again, with exasperated cry


The common line that I dread

There’s been an incident

That bloody line rings in my head

There’s one thing for sure

It will be written on my gravestone

When I am no more


I listen to the chaos unfold

The triggers always unknown

A sudden chill makes me go cold

Coping mechanisms none were in sight

He struggled, he swore

Frustration, fear, fight and flight


The incident told with detailed description

Honesty yet delicate in her delivery

Underlined with such great precision

I hold the phone ever tighter

Pursed lips, eyes closed

Will his life ever get brighter?


Her reassurance that, ‘This too shall pass’

Don’t worry, calm has now resumed

And he’s happy again, back in his class.

However a report she now needs to make

It’s the same process for all

It’s purely for Health and Safety sake.


Not as many incidents so far this year

They say, he’s doing quite well

But there will be more yet I fear.

Ring ring goes the phone

The number I note

But this time I hide, there’s no-body at home!

Jekyll and Hyde or Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA)?


Updated January 3rd, 2016. This post will be updated on an on-going basis I have written this blog specifically to educate, advocate and provide awareness for an unknown syndrome in Australia, call…

Source: Jekyll and Hyde or Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA)?



Phil Christie introduces pathological demand avoidance (PDA), describes its symptoms in children and young people, and explains how therapists – and, through them, teachers and parents – can understand and work with it…,d.d24

Why did my PDA son have to fail in five schools before I was listened to?


This post is with our huge thanks to:
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for their continued support in raising the profile of Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome.

Why did my PDA son have to fail in five schools before I was listened to?